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  • Smart Appliance

    Keep your production running without unexpected Disruptions

    Build a better IIoT solution with Smart IIoT. SmartRun acknowledges the pressing challenges encountered by industrial companies, necessitating Smart IIoT solutions. Over years of dedicated innovation, SmartRun has refined the Smart IIoT platform to cater to a wide spectrum of manufacturing, service, and engineering scenarios.

  • Transformation

    Enabling Industry 4.0 Transformation

    The technical foundations on which the Smart Factory - the intelligent factory - is based are cyber-physical systems that communicate with each other using the Internet of Things and Services. An important part of this process is the exchange of data between the product and the production line.

  • Digital Factory

    Industrial ingenuity begins with a moment of insight

    Navigate your business towards success and unleash the potential of Industry 4.0 and IIoT software from SmartRun within your Digital Factory. Transform your manufacturing operations, harness the power of digital technology, and drive your factory into the future.

  • Digital Twin

    Predictive Plant Monitoring and Optimization

    Experience Predictive Plant Monitoring and Optimization, a transformative solution that offers a multi-dimensional perspective for your industrial processes and assets. Delve deep into the past for troubleshooting and root cause analysis, stay in tune with the present by tracking essential KPIs, and embrace the future with predictive insights – all within a virtual environment that eliminates the risk of costly downtime in your actual plant.

Your Bridge to Data-Driven Achievement: SmartRun Tech
Customer's Review
Our Story: Shaping the Digital Factory of Tomorrow
At SmartRun Tech, our journey began with a single vision: to unlock the true potential of the digital factory. Today, we’re a pioneering force, driving the evolution of smart manufacturing in the digital age.
Our Mission: Redefining Industry in the Digital Age
Our mission is clear: to empower industries to thrive in the era of digital transformation. We’re on a relentless quest to make your operations smarter, your processes more efficient, and your business more sustainable.

Smart Production

Smart Production is at the core of our solutions, where we optimize manufacturing processes comprehensively. We employ cutting-edge technologies to enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and ensure quality. Our tailored solutions empower industries to unlock their full production potential.
Real-time oversight of manufacturing processes to ensure efficiency, productivity, and timely production

Systematic measures and processes to maintain and enhance product quality, meeting standards and customer expectations

The ability to track and trace the history and origins of products throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring transparency, quality control, and compliance

Smart Maintenance

Smart Maintenance is our strategic approach to maximize operational efficiency across industrial equipment. By leveraging advanced technologies and data-driven insights, we enhance equipment reliability, reduce downtime, and minimize operational costs. Our solutions enable industries to achieve peak performance and productivity.
Efficient planning, scheduling, and tracking of equipment upkeep to reduce downtime and extend asset life span

Real-time assessment of machine health through data analysis to predict issues and enable proactive maintenance

A real-time virtual representation of a physical furnace, enhancing control, efficiency, and predictive maintenance for optimal performance

Smart IIoT Appliance

We harness the potential of the IIoT using intelligent devices and appliances. Our approach empowers industries to collect, analyze, and act on real-time data from equipment and processes.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices are specialized hardware units that collect and transmit data from industrial equipment and processes to central systems, facilitating real-time monitoring, analysis, and control for improved operational efficiency and decision-making.

Smart Analytics

We harness advanced data analytics to provide intelligent insights for better decision-making. Our solutions empower organizations to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and stay competitive through data-driven decision-making.

Management Information System (MIS) dashboards are digital tools that provide concise, visually informative representations of essential business data and key performance indicators, enabling efficient data analysis and informed decision-making at a glance.

Smart Utility

Our Smart Utility solutions focus on optimizing resource utilization, which results in cost reductions for your business. We help you make efficient use of resources, reduce waste, and improve your bottom line through data-driven utility management.

Utility Monitoring involves real-time data collection and analysis of various resource consumption, such as water, energy, and more, within industrial operations, to optimize resource usage, cut costs, reduce waste, and enhance environmental sustainability.

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