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Business Intelligence and Data Analytics at SmartRun

At SmartRun, we’ve developed IIoT solutions that empower companies to address these challenges with a 360-degree approach.

Our systems provide real-time insights and smart dashboards, arming businesses with the data they need to make informed decisions that improve efficiency, safety, and competitiveness.

SmartRun Dashboard Showcase: A Glimpse into Data Excellence

Traceability And Reports

Our suite of dashboards includes Plant, Production, Maintenance, Quality, FG Traceability, and more.


Preventive Maintenance

Our Preventive Maintenance Schedule Configuration allows you to compare scheduled maintenance with actual execution, using PM check sheets for data entry, abnormality reports, readings, and remarks. It tracks the time taken for each PM activity, maintains equipment history cards, and records abnormalities found during PM as task items or breakdown requests.


Skill Management Features

It manages training activities and schedules through creation, updates, viewing, and incorporating ILUO methodology, automated job allocation based on skill levels, periodic progress tracking, and utilizing biometric devices to monitor the operator’s availability within the solution.


Predictive Maintenance

By employing IIoT methodologies and a dedicated gateway, we collect real-time sensor data from equipment. This data is efficiently transmitted to the server via a network switch. SmartRun simplifies equipment maintenance scheduling and captures component failures with detailed reason codes. Comprehensive breakdown reports are generated, and Machine Learning technology performs advanced analytics using 6 months to 1 year’s data.


Shopfloor Digitization

Our OEE monitoring and reporting system, driven by IIoT, is complemented by task management for effective action plans. We ensure 4M compliance through biometric and barcode integration, and digitize over 150 paper and Excel formats. Skill management based on biometric data, an approval workflow, and SMS and in-app notifications enhance our comprehensive system.


Utility Monitoring

Our IIoT system captures real-time utility consumption data (e.g., Energy, Water, Air, LPG, UPS, Diesel Generators) and offers both SaaS and on-premise options. It connects devices like air compressors, smart meters, and UPS to an IIoT gateway for data collection, then sends the data to SmartRun SaaS or a local server.


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